SIMX Project X & Trade Cooperation Associated Ltd.

     Formerly known as Dispatch Services Logistics Air Ltd.

3 6 8 – 3 7 0 1 3 4

Unit 4, 13th Floor, Wong’s Factory Building , 368-370 ShaTsui Road, Tsuen Wan, NT, HK

電話 Tel: (852) 2212 9300  傳真 Fax: (852) 2212 9339  網址 Website:

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Welcome to SIMX! Our website is under construction, if you have any inquires; please feel free to contact our colleagues below, who would be happy to assist you.


Joseph Leung           (Chairman)    Tel:(852) 2212 9312

Gordon Kiang        (Sales)                  (852) 2212 9330

Lawrence Cheung  (Air)                     (852) 2212 9332

Joanna Lai              (Ocean)                 (852) 2624 3842


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